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Call for Papers

2023 International Conference on Industrial Automatic Control and Electrical Engineering (IACEE 2023) invites papers in all fields related to these topics. 

The papers will include but are not limited to:



Topic 1: 工业工程 Industrial Engineering

Operations Management

Management Science

Operations Research

Systems Engineering

Safety Engineering

Financial Engineering

Supply Chain Management

Manufacturing Engineering

Engineering Design Process

Ergonomics or Human Factors Engineering

Engineering Mathematics

Complex Analysis

Engineering Statistics

Computational Science

Differential Equations

Applied Mathematics

Engineering Optimization

Computational Mathematics


Topic 2: 自动化与控制技术 Automation and Control Technology

Automation Systems

Embedded Systems

Information Systems

Adaptive Control

Electromechanical Transmission Control

Control Systems, Robotics and Mechatronics

Linear and Non-Linear Control Systems

Mathematical Modeling and Control

Instrumentation and Control

Fault Diagnosis and Troubleshooting of Hydraulic System

Robotics and its Motor System


Topic 3: 电气工程 Electrical Engineering

Automation of Electric Power Systems

Computer Engineering

Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Smart Grid

Signal & Image Processing

Analog Circuits and Digital Circuits

Broad Band Communication

Wireless Communication

Wireless Sensor Network

Sensor and Actuator Technology

Integrated Optics and Electro-optics Devices

Component Technology of MEMS


Power Engineering

Signal Processing


Control Engineering

Electronic Engineering

Computer Engineering

Instrumentation Engineering

Microelectronics Engineering

Application of Electricity, Electronics and Electromagnetism


Topic 4: 机械工程 Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Testing

Welding and Joining


Precision Engineering

Vehicle Electronic Control & Measuring Technology

Nanomaterials and Nanodevices

Software Engineering and Real-time Systems

Surface Engineering/Coatings

Composite Materials

Materials Forming and Materials Machining

Solid and Fracture Mechanics

Mechanical Engineering


Civil Engineering

Structural Analysis

Aerospace Engineering

Metallurgical Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

Engineering Thermodynamics

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