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Conference Venue

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The detail conference venue information will be available about on November 01, 2023.

Xi'an Attractions

In addition to those must-see attractions on most of the tour itineraries, there are many other local activities or culture highlights that can provide a fun and educational cultural flair to your trip. Tell us if you have interest on these activities.

  • Tang Dynasty Show
  • Face to Face with Terra-cotta Warriors
  • Restoring Room in Hanyangling Museum
  • White Glove Program
  • Stele Forest
  • Paper-cut & Painting in Donghan Village
  • Tang Dynasty Show
  • Tang Dynasty Show
  • Cycling on the City Wall
  • Jiaozi Feast
  • Stele Forest
  • Stele Forest
  • Xian Banpo Museum
  • Xi'an Banpo Museum
  • Shadow Play
  • Calligraphy Learning
  • Xi'an Institute of Zhao Changjun Martial Arts
  • Defu Lane (Bar Street)
  • Morning Exercise
  • Gao's Courtyard

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